Alpaca Light Shadecard
By the Apple Tree Light Alpaca Yarn
Rose Garden Alpaca Yarn
By the Plum Grove - Alpaca Light yarn
Alpaca Light purple
Beetle Juice Alpaca Yarn
Twilight Indigo dyed Alpaca Yarn
Indigo dyed Alpaca Yarn
Polska Green Alpaca Yarn
Oidao - onion dyed alpaca yarn
Honeybees - onion dyed alpaca yarn
Gràn - rhubarb dyed Alpaca yarn
Moìn - Rhubarb dyed Alpaca Yarn green
Earth Spirit - Rhubarb dyed Alpaca Yarn
Butterscotch - Catechu dyed Alpaca Yarn
Biscuit - Catechu dyed Alpaca Yarn
ALPACA LIGHT ~ Bluebells
ALPACA LIGHT ~ Rose Garden
ALPACA LIGHT ~ Puddles of Light
Alpaca Light Victoria
Natural Alpaca  Light fine yarn 4ply


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Creating wearable Colours in a close relationship with nature - this Palette has been inspired by Fruiting trees & Shrubs, Irish River Meadows and Late Indian Summers.

Grey puffy willows,
Like fairy pillows,
So soft for fairy’s head...
Cherry petals sweet for a cool clean sheet,
Green moss for a fairy’s bed... 

This children’s song very much describes the character of this beautiful yarn. Only selected baby alpaca fleeces from the Peruvian Andes are used for this incredibly soft and light Alpaca yarn. Spun in Peru, Alpaca Light still keeps with the general slouchy and drapey character of any Alpaca yarn. It is best suited for flowing and body skimming pieces, ideally knitted seamlessly. Unlike its bigger siblings, Alpaca Light is perfect for delicate knits, baby clothes or undergarments.


All our Alpaca yarns come from the Peruvian Andes

The entire production ~ from Alpaca farmer to the spun yarn ~ is done within Peru, supporting local employment and a low carbon footprint.

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
100% baby Alpaca
100g/ 3.5oz
400m/ 437.4yards

Needle size 2-3mm

Origin: Peruvian Andes
Spun: in Peru
Dyed naturally in Ireland

This is a natural product and may contain natural debris ie. Straw which can be easily removed.

How we made these colours:


Biscuit Catechu Alum
Bluebells Organic Indigo* Alum
Butterscotch Catechu
By the Apple Tree Lac*** Alum
By the Plum Grove Cochenial** & Iron Alum
Denim Organic Indigo* Alum
India Reseda Alum
Polska Organic Indigo* & Reseda Alum
Puddles of Light Safflower Alum
Rose Garden Lac*** Alum
Beetle Juice Organic Indigo* & Lac***  Alum
Damsons in Winter Cochenial** Alum
Moìn Rhubarb & Iron Alum
Gràn Rhubarb Alum
Earth Spirit Rhubarb Alum
Oidao Organic Onion Alum
Honeybees Organic Onion


Twilight Organic Indigo


Victoria Cochineal


Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)
Vegan note: please be aware that we use Lac and Cochineal dyes as well, which would be of animal origin ~ Cochineal** - small louse; Lac*** - the casing made by beetles to hatch and protect their eggs.

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