TURIN ~ Indian Yellow
TURIN ~ Tuscan Sun
TURIN ~ Magdalene
TURIN ~ Donna
TURIN ~ Fairy's Pillow
TURIN ~ Waterfalls
TURIN ~ River Tales
Dragonfly ~ Naturally printed yarn
Wheat & Poppies ~ Naturally dyed yarn
Forest Walk ~ Naturally dyed and printed yarn
A Children's Dessert ~ naturally dyed and printed yarn
Gossamer Leaves ~ naturally dyed and printed yarn


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And than there was the nettle. Turin is a slightly shiny 4ply and has much to offer! Spun in the Czech Republic, this yarn is made from wool blended with Ramie and Silk to produce a delicate but strong yarn with a cheeky shine to it. This is one of our favourites to use in plant dyed multi-colours – it makes the colours come alive – ever changing with the light.

Due to its Ramie and silk content, it makes sturdy socks, but it can also be used for knitting flattering garments. Beautifully soft but can be a little stiff at the beginning, this yarn will win you over in no time.

In a nutshell for 1 skein:
60% wool & 20% Ramie & 20% Silk
4 ply
weight Fingering
100gr/ 3.5oz
425m/ 464.7yards
2-3mm needles
Handwash only

How we made these colours:


Dragonfly mix of fresh and dry botanical dyes Alum
A Children's Dessert mix of fresh and dry botanical dyes Alum
Gossamer leaves mix of fresh and dry botanical dyes Alum
Wheat & Poppies mix of fresh and dry botanical dyes Alum
Forest Walk mix of fresh and dry botanical dyes Alum
Donna Cochineal ** Alum
Magdalene Lac *** Alum
Me! Cochineal** Alum/Iron
Fairy's Pillow Cochineal** Alum
Waterfalls Logwood Alum
River Tales Indigo*

Indigo* - herbaceous plant ( you might get a bit of blue on your hands while
Knitting - that is easily washed of with soap and even healthy!)
Vegan note: please be aware that we use Lac and Cochineal dyes as well, which would be of animal origin ~ Cochineal** - small louse; Lac*** - the casing made by beetles to hatch and protect their eggs.

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