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TARA POWDER ~  is a natural tanning product

Grown in the mountains of Peru.

Tara powder will stain the fibres grey and it is recommended to use a strong dye so the colour isn't too influenced. I am using it for all our plant dyed flax fibres and LinCot yarns and found, that it actually adds some more depth to the colour.

Basic Recipe:

Using 20% Alum to weight of fibre, 
Using 10% Tara Powder to weight of fibre, 
Use clean, scoured wool fleece, Cotton or Linen.

Weigh the yarn or clean, dry fibre.

Fill a large pot with clean water and heat, mix the Alum into the hot water and place the Tara Powder into a nylon stocking or small bag - add to pot.

Rinse the wool so that it is damp.
Add the wool or skeins of yarn into the hot Alum/Tara mixture.
Make sure that the wool is all covered by the water, if not, add more water to the pot.

Simmer the mordant mixture for about an hour at 90 degrees Celsius.
Remove the yarns from the mordant mixture.
The Alum/Tara mixture can be reused by adding 1/2 the amount of Alum and Tara powder as previously stated.

*This recipe can also be used without heating, by leaving the fibre/yarn to soak in the water for 24h.